Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dead By Sunrise: "My Suffering" review

Chester surprised everyone on twitter by releasing another song from Out Of Ashes. This time is was "My Suffering". All LP fans have heard the live version and many where disappointed, so was I, that the song changed. Now I've listened to the album version and I think it's good but the other version back in 2008 was better, but we have to except the change and go on. Maybe the song will grow on me? I will review the entire Out Of Ashes album when it comes out October 13th.

Update (23:56): The song is already growing on me after listening to it two times!

Review: "My Suffering" XXX [3/5].

Download link: "My Suffering".mp3

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dead By Sunrise: "Fire" & "Crawl Back In" (music video) review

"Fire" single

I like the song "Fire" very much, I like the verse and the chorus and the bit almost at the end is awesome, I got goosebumps all over my arms. That's what I love about Linkin Park that they always makes songs that really moves me and makes me feel all kinds of feelings and get goosebumps, those are always a good sign of a great song. The only version I've heard of "Fire" is the live one so it was really cool to hear the album version and again Chester's vocals sounds great. This is also one of the best songs I've heard from Out Of Ashes so far and I think their will be more awesome song on the album when it's released October 13th.

"Crawl Back In" (music video)

Now I've watched the official and debut video of "Crawl Back In", it was leaked to MySpace but got removed later, it will be released September 8th on MySpace again. I thought it was cool but not as good as the Linkin Park videos directed by Mr. Hahn. The video took place in the desert and you could see big women heads in the background moving. The band Dead By Sunrise looked very cool in the video with Chester moving and walking on the rocks. It was good but not Linkin Park video good, hope the "Let Down" video is better.

Review: "Fire" XXXXX [5/5]. "Crawl Back In" (music video) XXX [3/5].

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

District 9 review

I saw the movie District 9 today and I liked it very much. I didn't know anything about the plot before I watched it, which I think is the best way to watch a movie, so I was positively surprised. I liked the documentary feel to the movie, like Cloverfield, I get more involved with the movie that way, it was like I watched the news, I really wanted to listen and it was interesting. I thought the movie was funny in the beginning, but then it got a bit more serious, the way the humans threated the aliens like the didn't have any value.

The aliens lived in a place called District 9, it became the slum and they had to trade stuff like alien weapons to the human gang leader who ruled the district, to get food (catfood) or they hade to eat garbage. But alien weapons couldn't be used by humans because of the different DNA. Aliens were threaded really bad, they were killed and got their legs and arms cut off because the gangs thought it would give them powers.

It's a movie about excepting the ones who's different, that every one has feelings, that everyone wants their children and family safe and they would do anything to get them safe, to admit that they're wrong about judging and a movie about survival.

Overall: It's a very good Sci-Fi movie, it's a good thriller and it didn't get boring at all, it was very exciting all the time with lots of gore effects and explosions and it's a touching movie. The special effects in this movie is one of the best I've seen, very impressive! I strongly recommend this movie to every one and I'm going to buy it on Blu-ray when it comes out! A very cool and awesome movie!

Review: District 9 XXXXX [5/5].