Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Linkin Park: LOST IN THE ECHO (24Xero Remix)

This is my version of "LOST IN THE ECHO" which I think is one of the best songs from LIVING THINGS. I'm happy that Linkin Park decided to do another remix contest, because it was fun to remix "The Catalyst" last time.

When I found out that it was "LOST IN THE ECHO" that we were going to remix, I immediately started to think in what ways I could change the song. I struggled a bit with the beginning of my remix. After a few variations, I decided to make an intro that started before the actual song began. I wanted my remix to have a lot of heavy beats and electronic sounds. I continued in this direction the entire track. I incorporated some of the original stems in the remix as well.

I put a lot of hours into this remix, and the result became something that I'm very proud of. Listen to my remix of "LOST IN THE ECHO" that you can find below. And if you like what you hear, I'd be happy if you voted for my remix.

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