Friday, November 16, 2012

LP Underground 12 has launched!

Linkin Park has launched the 12th year of their official fan club, the LP Underground! You can choose from two different membership packages. Read further down for details.

And as always, the new LPU12 CD is available for order, both as physical CD and digital download. You can find the tracklist for LPU12 below. 

The $25 LPU Pass includes:*

- Annual membership to the LPU
- Membership laminate and lanyard
- Access to the newly redesigned
- Opportunities for Meet & Greets with Linkin Park
- Early entry at Linkin Park shows
- Access to pre-sale tickets
- $5 credit to the LPU store

The $60 Plus Pass includes:*

- ALL of the LPU Pass benefits
- PLUS LPU merchandise package including:
- T-shirt
- Water bottle
- Guitar pick
- Carabiner key chain
- Access to special LPU events including LPU Summits

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, the LPU12 CD featuring 10 never before released Linkin Park demos is available for just $1 when you purchase an LPU12 membership. As always, worldwide shipping is FREE. In addition, if you join LPU12 between now at December 1, you will be entered to win a guaranteed meet & greet with Linkin Park at a future show. 2 runner ups will receive a Linkin Park prize pack.**

Take advantage of these special offerings now. Join LPU12 today.

*Some restrictions apply. Offer subject to change and based on availability
**Subject to official rules

LPU12 Tracklist:

01. "Homecoming" (MTM Demo)
02. "Points Of Authority" (Demo) 
03. "Clarity" (MTM Demo) 
04. "Asbestos" (MTM Demo)
05. "Bunker" (MTM Demo)
06. "So Far Away" (Unreleased 1998)
07. "Pepper" (Meteora Demo)
08. "Debris" (MTM Demo)
09. "Ominous" (Meteora Demo)
10. "Forgotten" (Demo)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Linkin Park: LOST IN THE ECHO (24Xero Remix)

This is my version of "LOST IN THE ECHO" which I think is one of the best songs from LIVING THINGS. I'm happy that Linkin Park decided to do another remix contest, because it was fun to remix "The Catalyst" last time.

When I found out that it was "LOST IN THE ECHO" that we were going to remix, I immediately started to think in what ways I could change the song. I struggled a bit with the beginning of my remix. After a few variations, I decided to make an intro that started before the actual song began. I wanted my remix to have a lot of heavy beats and electronic sounds. I continued in this direction the entire track. I incorporated some of the original stems in the remix as well.

I put a lot of hours into this remix, and the result became something that I'm very proud of. Listen to my remix of "LOST IN THE ECHO" that you can find below. And if you like what you hear, I'd be happy if you voted for my remix.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This cover is for the LIVING THINGS REMIXED subscription that you get when you Pre-order the LIVING THINGS album from

I made the picture in Adobe Photoshop CS6. I mixed the "BURN IT DOWN" cover art with the LIVING THINGS cover. I layered the picture a few times to get this look with the colored fractions. I also put some scan lines in the background and added a little noise.

You can use this cover when you add the songs to your iTunes album. It always looks better to have a digital album cover rather than just a picture of a music note.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Linkin Park: "BURN IT DOWN" Cover Art

I've put together all the 16 pieces into one high resolution picture (2400x2400). And that includes the missing 15th piece (white area).

Before went down I downloaded the scrambled 15th puzzle picture and put together all the small pieces in the correct order. When that was done I still missed one piece, the black one. So I figured that the opposite side must be similar, and it was. I was now able to fix the missing piece.

You can see the high resolution 2400x2400 picture below.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Burn It Down" Coming April 16, 2012

Linkin Park is currently shooting a music video for the first single from their upcoming fifth studio album. Mike announced today from the set that the single will be called "Burn It Down" and will be released on April 16. 
He also mentioned that we will soon be able to unlock pieces of the song at

This has become a tradition for all Linkin Park fans to figure out puzzles and get teased with bits of the song. I remember how exciting it was when you got news about the upcoming Linkin Park album. When the single and album title was released and to find out the release dates. And the exciting feeling when you for the first time heard the newest single. When the track listing was released, I immediately started to think what the songs would sound like. It was always very overwhelming with lots of Linkin Park news. I didn't know what to do with myself. However, it wasn't too long before we got new stuff from Linkin Park because the music video was released, and it was always fun.

You can find the video from Mike below.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Resident Evil 6 coming November 20, 2012

Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 6 is in development and is coming this November.

The game is being released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 20, 2012. A PC version is coming at a later date. Capcom describes the game as a "blending action and survival horror" and is "the most ambitious, immersive and feature rich title of the series to date and promises to be the dramatic horror experience of the year."

The Capcom developers say Resident Evil 6 has been in development in secrecy for a number of years and has the largest team working on the game in the series' history. The staff currently sits at about 150 people, but if you include contributing parties, the total could reach as high as 600.

Resident Evil 6 will follow Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield who will be "joined by new characters, each with their own unique perspective and involvement, in this relentless dramatic horror experience enacted on a global scale." The game's story between Chris and Leon will progress simultaneously. Leon's story is set in America while Chris' is in a city in China.

Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield will star as the main protagonists, but Capcom says there's an additional main character, an unnamed male who's described as "the man who's told to save the world."

Executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi also confirmed zombies are returning for the sixth game, and noted that there are "many secrets" still surrounding them. A new enemy was also revealed, the Javo.

He also said that the game is being made to be the "ultimate horror entertainment" and highlighted two key concepts: "The fear the lies ahead" and "everything is overwhelming."

Here's a synopsis of the game's plot:

It has been ten years since the Raccoon City incident and the President of the United States has decided to reveal the truth behind what took place in the belief that it will curb the current resurgence in bioterrorist activity. Due to be by the President’s side is his personal friend and Raccoon City survivor, Leon S. Kennedy, but when the venue suffers a bioterrorist attack, Leon is forced to face a President transformed beyond recognition and make his hardest ever decision.

At the same time, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance member Chris Redfield arrives in China, itself under threat of a bioterrorist attack.  With no country safe from these attacks and the ensuing outbreaks, the entire world’s population is united by a common fear that there is no hope left.

Resident Evil 6 represents a giant stride forward in the evolution of the series,” commented Katsuhiko Ichii, Head of R&D and Global Marketing. “The development team, led by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, is working tirelessly to deliver the most impressive Resident Evil title ever both in terms of scope and production values.

"We are all genuinely excited by the title and cannot wait to share it with the world.”