Friday, November 12, 2010

LP Underground X: Demos CD Track Listing

The track list of LPUX has surfaced the Internet. The CD was sold at the LPU Summit in London, so it's just a matter of time before it leaks.

Last years LPU CD was very good, I gave it five out five "X" (read my review here). I think this years CD is going to be even better. All the tracks look interesting except the "What I've Done" remix, but hopefully it's a different remix from the one we've already heard.

You can see the entire track listing below.

LP Underground X: Demos

01. "Unfortunate" (Unreleased Demo 2002)
02. "What We Don't Know" (
Unreleased Demo 2007)
03. "Oh No" (Points of Authority Demo)
04. "I Have Not Begun" (
Unreleased Demo 2009)
05. "Pale" (
Unreleased Demo 2006)
06. "Pretend To Be" (
Unreleased Demo 2008)
07. "Divided" (
Unreleased Demo 2005)
08. "What I've Done" (M.Shinoda Remix)
09. "Coal" (
Unreleased Demo 1997)
10. "Halo" (
Unreleased Demo 2002)

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