Wednesday, June 30, 2010


In the last couple of weeks Mike has been giving the fans' messages/puzzles to solve involving the new Linkin Park album. Things are finally happening in the Linkin Park world! We have been given four messages from Mike so far and some of them were a bit tricky to solve. I think the idea with these clues is brilliant, it really makes everything more exciting, and I'm looking forward to the new Linkin Park album even more. That and the new LPTV episodes, news of any kind, a date for the release of the new album, show dates, single and music video dates and more, this is what I think is fun when you're a fan of a band.

I remember how excited I was when Linkin Park was about to release Meteora. Every week when I came home from school, I'd watch a new episode of LPTV. And I remember how exciting it was when I first heard a teaser of the intro for their new single, "Somewhere I Belong", and when I finally heard the entire song on the intro page of, I had goosebumps after listening to it. I felt the same thing when they released Minutes to Midnight. It was fun watching all the new LPTV episodes and when I heard a bit of the intro for "What I've Done", I remember that I thought that the piano playing was really haunting, and that it sounded very different from what I've heard from Linkin Park before.

I've been a fan of Linkin Park since 2000, I was only twelve years old when I became a fan. I was about to be a teenager, and I was changing and so was my music taste. I still listened to all the music that I thought was good, it didn't matter what genre it was. However, it was different with Linkin Park, I became a fan, and I got inspired by them, they are my role models. They are the reason I got interested in music, I started to sing and write my own songs, and I also wanted to create music, I downloaded music programs like eJay and other loop based programs. I've grown up with Linkin Park, and I'm so grateful that they make music, so I can have something to look forward to, and get inspired by and feel a lot of happy positive feelings. You can read the story how I discovered Linkin Park's music here, it's a shortened version of all the memories I have from that time. I can write an entire page of wonderful memories from when I was twelve years old, when I started to listen to Linkin Park, that I keep in my brain and no one can take those away.

Below are the messages that Mike has released so far.

Message #01 (More messages coming soon)

Message #02 (A Thousand Suns)

Message #03 (The Catalyst)

Message #04 (The Catalyst /// August 2)

Stay tuned for more Linkin Park news in the coming weeks!

Friday, June 18, 2010

See you next year at E3 2011!

E3 2010 is over! However, it will of course return next year, June 7-9, 2011. I think this years' E3 has been very fun to follow, it was the first time I saw Sony's press conference live. I want to do this every year!

A lot of awesome video games were announced, and also a few games that I missed on the show. The games I missed at Sony's press conference were Agent and The Last Guardian. I think and hope they will be shown at this years' Tokyo Game Show. The biggest surprises at Sony's event were Portal 2 and Twisted Metal. They also showed a live demo of the awesome game Killzone 3, I can't wait to play it.

Other video games that were shown at E3 were Metal Gear Solid: Rising. That game looks very cool, I like how you can cut basically anything into small pieces. It will be like when you got the sword in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty near the end, and you used the analog sticks to move the sword. I think the controls will be even better in Rising, I can hardly wait to cut at will.

Nintendo also announced good video games this year, plus their new handheld device Nintendo 3DS, which seems very cool! The games that they announced were: a remake of GoldenEye 007, it will be released exclusively to Nintendo Wii. The other game that a lot of people were expecting, was the new Zelda game, it's called The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It looks very nice, I've always liked the Zelda games. Currently, I'm still playing Twilight Princess, I'm at the end.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

GoldenEye 007

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

These were a few of the video games that were announced at E3 2010, and the games that I'm excited about. See you at E3 next year, June 7-9, 2011.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sony at E3 2010

Sony's Press Conference at E3 2010 ended a few hours ago. I watched it live via and I think the live streaming worked well and had great HD picture. The only thing that was a little annoying was that it started over a few seconds back if your connection became a little unstable.

Anyway, I think Sony did a great job at this years E3 press conference, they had a few surprises that really were unexpected, and that's always fun.

PlayStation Move

Sony showed more of PlayStation Move, and showed a few live demonstrations that were pretty good. Sony revealed some of the games that will be coming to the PlayStation Move when it launches later this year. Games mentioned include Time Crisis, Singstar Dance, Echochrome 2, Eyepet, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5, Bruswick Bowling, Fight Night, Sports Champions, Move party, Heroes on the Move, Socom 4, The Shoot, Tron and Sorcery. Sony has revealed that 40 developers and publishers are working on games for the PlayStation Move.

They announced that Move will go on sale in Europe on September 15, with the US getting it on September 19 along with some bundles. Japan gets it on October 21. It’s $49.99 for the controller on its own. The sub controller is $29.99. A bundle of both controllers, plus PlayStation Eye will go on sale for $100. Additionally, a PS3 Sports Champion Move Bundle, will be on offer and includes a PS3, Move motion controller, Eye, Sports Champions Blu-ray game and Move game demo disc for $399.99. The PlayStation Eye will also be sold separately for $39.99. SCE Worldwide Studios will also release more than 20 titles that are either dedicated to, or supported with Move in fiscal year 2010 ending March 2011.

The PlayStation Move shooting attachment places the Move motion controller horizontally, and will allow players to hold the motion controller as if they are holding a gun in order to aim at an in-game target. The trigger on the attachment is interlocked with the motion controller T button and will enable users to play not only shooters, but also games that may require precise button input and control. It will be available this fall for $19.99.

PlayStation Plus

Sony has announced PlayStation Plus for the PlayStation Network. The new service will be available for $49.99 in the US per-year, with three months free for a limited time. For elsewhere, it will be €49.99 in Europe, ¥5,000 in Japan and HK$233 in Asia. For a month, it’s: ¥500 (Japan), HK$38 (Asia). For three months: $17.99 (North America), €14.99 (Europe).

The service will allow subscribers to download fully designated PS3 and PSN titles as well as PS One Classics for free for a designated period and charge every month. Jack Tretton has revealed that users will get “hundreds of dollars’ worth of value” with anyone who subscribes in the first month getting Wipeout HD, an inFamous trial and the Rally Cross mini.

Other content the users will get includes avatars, DLC, map packs, discounts, early access to stuff, automatic content download & updates and Qore, all of which will be available as long as you are a subscriber. The service begins on June 22.

The Exclusives

Sony announced that Killzone 3 will be released February 2011. The announcement came at the end of a 3D demo of the Guerrilla shooter. It was also confirmed it would support Move. They showed the single player version of Killzone 3 in normal and 3D mode. The game looks amazing, I really like the new close combat attacks and the jetpack. And it's also nice that you will be able to play in different environments.

John Schappert, EA COO, appeared on the stage and confirmed that the PS3 version of Medal of Honor will get exclusive content. The exclusive is a HD remake of Medal of Honor: Frontline, and it will be free for PS3 users only, when it launches on October 12 in the US and October 15 in Europe.

Sony revealed a new PS3-exclusive Limited Edition Dead Space 2 pack, which will include a PS3 port of the Wii game Dead Space: Extraction for free on January 28. Also, Extraction will include PlayStation Move support. Dead Space: Extraction will be in full HD, and features the entire single-player game complete with all-new trophy support, as well as co-op gameplay, using Move in addition to DualShock 3 and SixAxis controllers. The game will also be sold separately as a standalone game via the PlayStation Store.

Ubisoft announced on stage that the multiplayer beta for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood will be exclusive to PlayStation 3 and PSN. The game will also get exclusive content on PS3 that you can’t get anywhere else.

Sony has revealed that Mafia II will include exclusive day one content when bought on PlayStation 3. The content will be free and includes exclusive missions and arcade style gameplay. Mafia II will be released on August 24 2010.

Sony has finally announced the release date of Gran Turismo 5, which is Novmeber 2 2010. But only in North America, a release date for Europe wasn't announced. However, I will not be surprised if they delay this video game even more, hopefully they will stick to the announced release date.

The Surprises

The biggest surprise at this years' E3 was when Gabe Newell, from Valve, stepped onto Sony’s stage and announced that Portal 2 is coming to PlayStation 3, and it will include Steamworks. And he also said that Portal 2 on PS3 will be the best version on any console, I agree. PS3’s the only console version of Portal 2 that includes Steamworks. It will make it easier to auto update, use community features, and get downloadable content. Portal 2 is targeted for launch in 2011.

“When the PlayStation 3 was introduced, I was the one of the platform’s biggest critics,” said Newell. “However, Sony has proved that the PlayStation 3 is the most open platform of all the current generation consoles and has worked extremely hard to make the platform the most desirable for consumers and developers.

“As such, we are delighted to announce Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3 and believe the Steamworks support included will make it the best console version of the game".

This was a huge surprise, and I can't believe that they have announced it, because I was so sure that I would never have the opportunity to play Portal 2, and today Sony proved otherwise. My mind is blown, and everyone else's too!

The other announcement that also surprised me was when Sony revealed that a new Twisted Metal video game is coming to PlayStation 3 in 2011.

The new game is being developed by the original team and will include an online team deathmatch mode with helicopters, cars, vans and any other vehicle that you can strap a weapon to. Another mode, Capture the Faction sees you trying to capture the other teams' statue and includes an objective mode, faction based gameplay, a freeway system and rooftop combat.

The game is exclusive to PlayStation 3 and wrapped up a very impressive E3 press conference from Sony.

New E3 PS3 Trailers

Killzone 3

Portal 2

inFamous 2

Final Fantasy XIV Online

LittleBigPlanet 2

Twisted Metal

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Countdown to E3 2010!

E3 2010 is only a week away, and I'm very excited! A few new E3 game trailers have already been released in advance, it doesn't matter because it only makes me look forward to next week even more. In this countdown to E3 blog post, I'm going to list the video games I think and hope we're going to see at this years' event. All these video game expos are like Christmas for us that have video games as an interest and a passion. And there are a few more shows left that I'm looking forward to and Tokyo Game Show is one of them. I hope that this year's E3 will be one of the best!

Below are some of the video games I'd like to see at E3 2010.

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

I hope that they will show the first gameplay footage of the game. I also think that if they show the new Batman game, they will announce the final name and release date. They have already released a teaser that gave us an idea what the game is about, but I want to see more. I loved the first game, and I'm definitely going to buy this one.


I have already seen some gameplay videos, and they look very good. However, I would like to see more, especially the "SMART" function. I like Brink because it reminds me of Mirror's Edge, and I think that game is awesome.

Mirror's Edge 2

DICE has said that they are working on a sequel, but they haven't officially said that they do. I hope that we would see at least a teaser of the game, or an announcement.

Mortal Kombat 9

I've always like the Mortal Kombat games, I used to play them when I was a child, I wasn't one of those kids that were effected by video game violence. Me and my brother played on or Sega Mega Drive. What I like about the game is the violence, and that it's so dark that it gives me goosebumps. I hope that they will some gameplay footage of the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

I've already seen a montage trailer with quick images of the game. I hope that they will show video footage from one of the levels. I see Black Ops as a new Call of Duty 4, because it renews itself, it's not during World War II, it's during the Cold War. I didn't buy World at War, but I'm definitely going to buy this one.


I've seen a few gameplay videos of this game and want to see more. Bulletstorm is like a new Unreal Tournament, it's equally violent. I hope they will show when they play through a level of the game and to see how it works.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I haven't played the previous games, and it doesn't matter because this is a prequel. I hope they will show more gameplay footage and hopefully give a release date. Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks very promising.

I Am Alive

It's been some time, since I heard anything about this game, the last thing I heard was that it had been delayed. I hope Ubisoft will show it, so that we know it's alive.

Killzone 3

I want news and gameplay footage of this game, and I definitely think Sony is going to show Killzone 3 at their press conference on Theusday. This game is one of the PlayStation 3 best video games.

The Last Guardian

Sony announced this game at last years E3, and I think and hope they will show more of it. Gameplay footage is always welcome. And maybe they will announce the Team ICO HD collection!?

The Agency

This game has been taking forever, it's been delayed several times, and I really hope they will at least have a release date this time.


This PlayStation 3 exclusive video game from Rockstar Games was announced at last years E3, but we only got a logo. I hope we will get more information and hopefully images or a teaser from the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

This game was also announced last year, and I definitely think Sony will show more of this game, I like the Final Fantasy series.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

The thing that surprised me more than the game itself was that it will be released as a multiplatform game! We only got a little information about the game and a logo and a picture of Raiden. I hope they will show gameplay footage and gives us more information when it will be released.

PlayStation Move

Sony is going to show more cool games that will support the "Move". They will also have a release date.

New video games from Sony

I think that Sony will announce some new video games that will both be exclusive and multiplatform, and maybe some new franchises. I also think Sony will announce some new sequels, maybe Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3.

Valve's surprise!

I'm really excited to know what the big surprise Valve is going to announce. There have been a rumor that they will release Duke Nuke Forever or another Duke Nukem related game. The sad thing is that Valve can't make video games to PlayStation 3, but they have said that hopefully sometime in the future.

That's the video games and announcements I think and hope are going to happen next week at E3 2010.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be the third game in the first-person shooter/role-playing game Deus Ex series, and a prequel to the original game. It is being developed by Eidos Montreal in co-production with Square Enix, who are responsible for pre-rendered movie sequences and publishing. Neither Warren Spector nor Harvey Smith, the creative directors behind the first two games, are attached to the project.

The game takes place during the year 2027, 25 years before Deus Ex. Nanotechnological augmentations have yet to be developed and biomechanical augmentations are the current state of the art. The main character, Adam Jensen, is a private security officer with a company that specializes in these augmentations. He witnesses a chilling attack on his company, and "the conspiracy begins". The visuals are a combination of cyberpunk and Renaissance aesthetics, resulting in a futuristic-looking Baroque world. Adam Jensen will be voiced by Elias Toufexis. Five metropolises are included and Detroit, Shanghai and Montreal (where the developers' studio is based) have been confirmed. In addition, the protagonist will have his own apartment where he may store his secrets and collected information. The events in the game will lead to the formation of UNATCO from the original game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution reminds me of Blade Runner. I haven't played the previous games, but since this is a prequel, I think it's a good game to start the series with. I've read somewhere that I will have an apartment that I can go around in, I've always liked games where you feel like you live another life. Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks really promising and I hope it will be good. I think the cutscence are awesome, Square Enix can do great animations.

Enjoy the new trailer below of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Killzone 3 trailer

Killzone 3 is an upcoming 2011 first-person shooter for the PlayStation 3, developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the fourth installment in the Killzone series and the first game in the series to be presented in 3D.

The story in Killzone 3 will be a lot more light-hearted as compared to its predecessor which Guerrilla felt suffered from an overly serious and dark story which was one of the major complaints of the original, though they mentioned that it would not be too light-hearted as it is still a war. In addition, Guerrilla Games has also hired an external writer to focus on only writing the story-line so as to give a fresh perspective to the story as well as hiring a lot more Hollywood actors to elevate the level of storytelling within the dialogue of the game. Guerrilla Games has also mentioned that the game's story will be an integral part of the game with dialogue and character development being greatly improved from its 2009 predecessor. In addition, Guerrilla Games has also said that they are curtailing the swearing in Killzone 3, which many felt were unnecessary in the dialogue of Killzone 2. They mentioned that the dialogue in the game should be focused on advancing the story rather than "gratuitous" off the scale swearing without reason.

Killzone 3 looks amazing! I really love Killzone 2 it's one of the best video games I've ever played. The graphics in that game were beautiful, and that gave Killzone 2 a heavy atmosphere. Guerrilla Games have said that Killzone 3 is going to use 100% of the PlayStation 3's power, and I thought that they already used all the PS3 power in the previous game. I'm going to buy Killzone 3 on the release date, and play the awesome singleplayer and multiplayer campaign.

Watch the teaser trailer below, it's really cool!