Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dead By Sunrise: "Inside Of Me" next single?

I posted back in December that "Fire" might be the third single from Dead By Sunrise, because a single cover had been released. But according to the AOL Radio Blog, "Inside Of Me" is the next single. Both "Crawl Back In" and "Let Down" were announced the same way, so is it's a reliable source and is probably true.

I like "Inside Of Me", it's a cool song with a lot of energy, I gave it four out of five in my Blog review of "Out Of Ashes". I think it's a great third single, even though I thought "Fire" would have been a great third single also, but "Inside Of Me" is a song that not so many people has heard, so it's more "new" in a way.

Below is the statement from the site, this is not official until Chester or anybody else from Dead By Sunrise says so.

"Inside of Me" is Dead by Sunrise's new single off their October-released "Out of Ashes". Lead singer and Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington sings about self-pity and making a change: "I feel all alone everyday / And just so far away / I know something's got to change / Inside of me". Leaning more towards emo pop than post-grunge, the song is part of the group's debut album full of riff-driven tracks as well as melodic acoustic numbers.

This is a follow-up to "Let Down", a slower cadence and darker, moodier track about getting over past mistakes.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heavy Rain (PS3) expectations

I'm really looking forward to Heavy Rain, it will be released a month from now, on February 24th. I've already pre-ordered the Special Edition of the game, I don't know if it's limited or not, better be safe than sorry.

The special edition will come with a 3D rain effect case, and I love good looking video game covers, I'm one of those people that prefer the physical game instead of the digital. I want to own the game and touch it and look at the cover, you don't get that with digital releases and the digital is more compressed than the Blu-ray edition, 1 or 3 GB against 50 GB, do I have to say more? The special edition will also include "Heavy Rain Chronicles", which is this video games DLC, that we will get before everyone else. And more!

I think it's cool that Heavy Rain is gonna get DLC, because a sequel is not going to happen, and doesn't have to, we're getting more background story of the characters, we will also step into the shoes of the Origami Killer. They haven't announced how many episodes we're gonna get, but at least one per character.

I look forward to the feelings and the experience that I'm going to get during the game. I loved the atmosphere in Fahrenheit, and Heavy Rain is gonna have the same atmosphere plus even more, I know that! Also the feelings are the main focus in this game, so I will definitely be touched!

Finally, Sony is giving us even more awesome games, it's cool that this video game is exclusive to PlayStaton 3. I think this game will be another killer app, it will sell PlayStation 3 consoles. The competitors are going to want this game on their consoles, but they are not getting it, buy a PlayStation 3!

A demo is going to be released February 11th on the Europe PlayStation Network, I'll have to see what it's about, I don't want to get spoiled. I want to experience the entire video game from start to finish.

I can hardly wait, I just have to wait four weeks! I will also write a review for this game, so watch out for that.

The trailer below contains spoilers!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Movies I Wanna Watch #01

There're many movies I'd like to see this year and I'm going to write about some of them. I'll write about other movies in the future and review those that I think are really good, like Avatar, that I wrote a review for in December.

Below are three movies that I'd like to see.

The Descent: Part 2

Two days after the events of the first film Sarah is washed away to safety with no memory of the events of the last time she was in the cave. She is taken to a hospital where it is revealed some of the blood on her matches that of Juno Kaplan. Sheriff Vaines demands that along with his deputy Elen Rios, Sarah and 3 specialists Dan, Greg and Cath must go back into the cave to find the missing girls. A new entrance is found with the help of a sniffer dog. The girls are sent down via an old elevator operated by the old, mysterious Ed Oswald.

I love the first movie, it's one of the scariest horror movies I've ever seen. I didn't know what to expect of the movie, only that it was a new horror film. So the monsters in the cave were a big surprise, that scared the shit out of me! I love that it has the basic things that a lot of people are scared of like: darkness, claustrophobia and monsters to mention a few.

I'm really looking forward to the sequel, and what I've heard is that it's one of those sequels that are really good. I hope to watch it in the cinema, or I'll download it on Blu-ray when it's released.


In the year 2019, a plague has transformed much of the world's population into vampires. Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) is a hematologist employed by Bromley Marks, a pharmaceutical company that is the chief supplier of blood for the American population, which is operated by Charles Bromley (Sam Neill). As the human population nears extinction, vampires must capture and farm every remaining human for their blood, or find a blood substitute before time runs out. When deprived of blood for extended periods of time, vampires lose their human-like characteristics and begin to transform into winged bat-like monsters called "sub-siders," those of which have diminished mental capacity and no ability to speak and are driven strictly by their impulse to feed. However, a covert group of humans makes a remarkable discovery, one which has the power to save the human race.

I like some vampire movies, I haven't seen that many, but the ones I've seen are great. I like 30 Days of Night and the Swedish vampire movie Låt rätte komma in (Let the Right One In), which has been really well received around the world and is one of the best horror movies of all time!

Daybreakers sounds interesting and is a movie that I'm going to see when it's released for download.

The Road

The Road shares the premise of the novel on which it is based: a father (Mortensen) and his young son (Smit-McPhee) struggle to survive a number of years after an unspecified, devastating cataclysm has destroyed civilization, killed all plant and animal life, and obscured the sun; only remnants of mankind remain alive, reduced to scavenging or cannibalism. Man and boy are travelling toward the south, in the hope that it will be warmer. Along the way, they search for shelter, food and fuel, and avoid bands of cannibals while trying to maintain their own sense of morality and humanity. The man carries a pistol with two bullets in case they need to hasten the end. Flashback and dream sequences spaced throughout the narrative show how the man's wife, who has a much more expanded role in the film than in the book, committed suicide after delivering the child into a seemingly doomed world and losing the will to go on.

I really like post-apocalyptic movies, I like the feeling of being alone in the world and feeling free to go and do whatever you want. But it's also a dangerous place where people are desperate for food and water and will do whatever it takes to get it, that's what makes these kinds of movies so scary.

This movie caught my attention when I saw a trailer for it on YouTube and I've wanted to see it ever since. I'll probably see this one in the cinema and maybe write a review about it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Linkin Park: "Not Alone" review

Linkin Park has released a brand new song called "Not Alone". They are releasing the song through their help organization Music For Relief, other artists are also contributing with new songs. You sign up your e-mail adress and a download link will be sent to you.

Download the songs first and then don't forget to donate!

The song itself isn't one of Linkin Park's best, but it's for a good cause. I don't like the chorus, but I love the verses, it has a great melody. Also this is not Chester's best vocal performance, he can sing much better than this, we know that, he has proven that on all the albums, especially on Minutes to Midnight and Out Of Ashes. I think the music is what makes this song great, a cool intro and an awesome outro that's one minute long, it's very melodic and has that Linkin Park sound to it.

I'm really proud of Linkin Park that they help people in need, they use their position as famous musicians and founded the organization Music For Relief. The organization has raised over $3 million for victims of multiple disasters across four continents and planted over 810,000 trees to help reduce global warming.

One day Linkin Park will receive an award of some sort for what they have done for the people around the world and for the climate. Keep up the good work and I and every Linkin Park fan around the world are proud of you!

Overall: A decent Linkin Park song that is for a good cause. Great music and verses with a great intro and outro that is very melodic and what makes this song great. It's not a typical Linkin Park song but you can hear it's them. Download it and hear for yourself.

Review: "Not Alone" XXX [3/5]. Music For Relief (organization) XXXXX [5/5].

Go to the Music For Relief website and make a donation!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Linkin Park: LPU CD: 9 DEMOS review

01. "A-Six" (Original Long Version 2002) XXXXX [5/5]
Ever since I heard this song, in 2002 on the LPU 2.0 CD, I've wanted to hear more. And thankfully they released it now, seven years later. I really like this song because it's very heavy, have cool scratch sounds and samples. When I listened to it, I wondered how it would have sounded with Chester's screaming vocals on, that would have been awesome!

02. "Faint" (Demo 2002) XXX [3/5]
In this version, they hadn't written that many Chester parts, mainly rap. It's a Hip Hop song with heavy guitars. Mike is rapping with completely different lyrics, and I don't recognize any words from the final song. Chester only has a screaming part in this demo.

03. "Sad" ("By Myself" Demo 1999) XXX [3/5]
This is an instrumental song, you can hear bits of the heavy intro of "By Myself". I recognized the scratching part, I think they've played it live on a show? I can swear I've heard that part before. Good heavy beats with cool scratch sounds.

04. "Fear" ("Leave Out All the Rest" Demo 2006) XXXXX [5/5]
This song really shows what demos are, they didn't have that many lyrics, but tried to find the right melody for the song. I recognized the "Da Na" way of getting a melody from the "Minutes To Midnight" DVD. It was fun to hear Mike sing and rap on this one, he has a great voice, he should sing on more songs in the future. This is one of those things that makes Linkin Park so unique, they have two singers, one that's the lead singer and one that rap and sing.

05. "Figure.09" (Demo 2002) XXXXX [5/5]
Chester sings with completely different lyrics than the original. I think it has a great verse and an awesome chorus, it's heavier in a way, it could have worked really well on the "Meteora" album.

06. "Stick And Move" ("Runaway" Demo 1998) XXX [3/5]
Mark Wakefield sang in the original song, when he was the lead singer of "Xero". The demo is an instrumental, and you can hear similarities with the old song, "Stick N' Move", but since it's a demo of "Runaway", you can't hear any similarities with the original song, but it's good anyway.

07. "Across The Line" (Unreleased Demo 2007) XXXXX [5/5]
A new song finally! First time I heard this was on the "Minutes To Midnight" DVD, only a few seconds from a song called "Japan" was played. Many people wanted to hear the entire song, and now we finally have. Apparently, this song was one of those who barely made the cut. I think this song is very good with great music, a great melody and chorus. "Across The Line" should have been on the "Minutes To Midnight" record, because it's awesome!

08. "Drawing" ("Breaking The Habit" Demo 2002) XXXX [4/5]
The demo has many similarities with the original song, a few different samples, distorted strings and cool beats, which are being altered in a cool way by Mr. Hahn. The song is entirely instrumental and was originally going to be an instrumental track but Mike was convinced by the band to change it. I think it works as an instrumental too, but I prefer the original.

09. "Drum Song" ("Little Things Give You Away" Demo 2006) XXXX [4/5]
Another song when you hear Mike sing instead of Chester, and again I think he does a great job. This song has also many "Da Na" parts, but the parts that are there have many similarities with the original song. A great demo with a few different lyrics. You can also hear the drum part, played by Rob, that gave the song it's working title.

Overall: This is the best LPU CD since "Hybrid Theory EP"! I like it because we got a new song, "Across The Line", we got demos of songs we've heard before, but some of them felt like new ones, one is "Figure.09". This is what we Linkin Park fans want, new songs and other stuff we haven't heard before. I'm already looking forward to the LPU 10 CD, I hope and think they can top this!

Review: LPU CD: 9 DEMOS XXXXX [5/5].

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Linkin

All the LP Underground members are invited to test the beta of the new Linkin You'll get an e-mail from LPU with the beta link, or you can go to and find the link there.

think the new site looks great. They have made improvements to the site, that the fans have requested. It's cool to see that they listen to the fans, as it should be, Linkin Park really care about their fans. Some things I like about the site are the video section, it's easy to find music videos and LPTV episodes. I also like the sites new layout, it's easy to navigate. They have also made it easier to sign in and the community have really improved.

Mike posted a welcome video where he talks about the site and the new Linkin Park game. You can briefly see the "8-Bit Rebellion" game in action. The game should be out on "AppStore", to "iPod Touch" and "iPhone", by the end of January.

The entire site goes live to the public by the end of the week. You have to make a new account for the new website, because your old login name and password doesn't work on the new, remember that!

I can hardly wait for the new iPod Touch game and the new Linkin Park song, that will be played during the end credits. New stuff will probably appear on the site, like the "Live Concert Downloads", hopefully the shows from 2007 to 2009.
Watch the welcome video from Mike below!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

MAG (PS3) Beta review

MAG is a completely multiplayer/online based video game, exclusively to PlayStation 3, developed by Zipper Interactive. The reason why this game stands out is that you can play online with 256 players from all over the world.

When you start the beta of MAG you will have to choose one of the three factions in the game. You can either choose to join the "S.V.E.R", which gives added firepower, "Raven Industries", which gives added accuracy, or "Valor", which will balance out both firepower and accuracy. I chose "Raven" because they seemed more "High Tech" than the other factions, they have the coolest and the latest weapons on the market. Then you have to create your character, you can change the head, body and the voice, but you will probably have more settings to change in the Blu-ray version. You can also customize your own class, main weapon, side weapon, grenades and armor. MAG utilizes a loadout system in which you choose a class that will determine your role in the fight, such as medic, sniper, and so on. MAG also has an experience system much like Call of Duty, so that adds some replay value and that keeps you playing even more. All of this is organized very well in the main menu and barracks menu.

To understand the basics of gameplay in MAG, you need to think of a hierarchy. As you play you move your way up the ranks, gaining more power as you go. The top rank, Officer, has the most power on the field. He orders four platoon leaders under him, who order four squad leaders, who order eight grunts. It may sound confusing, but it does run pretty smooth.

I tried the two game modes that were available in the beta. One of them are "Sabotage", with 64 players (32 per faction), where the attacker tries to secure two satellite uplinks, in which a final objective is activated. To play the other game mode "Domination", with 256 players (128 per faction), you have to get to level 10 first before you can test it, which I did, although is took awhile. In "Domination" the attacking team has to capture three tiers of objectives in order to win. This mode has bombing runs, mortar attacks, APCs/Hummers, helicopters (spawn points, you can't fly them though you can use the machine gun), hard to kill bunkers and more. When everyone is fighting for the last level of objectives in the middle of the map it gets hectic and you feel like you're in a war zone.

Some things I thought were cool, is that when your team leads, you will spawn with a parachute from a plane. It's pretty cool to glide down, in third person view, from the air then land on the ground in first person view. The other thing is that when you get shot and dies you don't get to the spawning point right away, you will be on the ground bleeding, now you have a choice, either you can press "bleed out" and you'll go to the spawning point, or you can wait for a medic to revive you, but they can't take too long, because you'll only have 10-20 seconds before you bleed out, and you'll spawn automatically. You can also heal yourself with a needle or a medic can heal you during the game. I like that you can heal each other and that you don't die right away, you get a better tempo and a feeling of vulnerability.

I think the graphic is really good, considering that there are so many players in the map at the same time. However I think the Blu-ray version will have a little better graphics. The sound is also good, with great explosions and background noise. I think the weapon sound is pretty weak, especially the gun. I want more powerful sound, like the Killzone 2 weapons.

The maps are huge, but not too big, you don't have to walk far before the action comes. I tested about 5 maps and all of them were cool with different environments. Although the maps are really big, it doesn't effect the game's performance. I didn't experience any lag or other problems during the game, it ran smoothly all the way.

Overall: MAG is a really great and fun online multiplayer video game, that has huge maps where you can play with up to 256 players. Fun game modes that you want to play again and again. This was just the beta of MAG, but what I've seen so far is a video game that has a good potential to be an awesome game that everyone wants to play.

Review: MAG (PS3) Beta XXXX [4/5].

Friday, January 8, 2010

Live from Sony's CES 2010 press event

Today Sony had their CES 2010 press event in Las Vegas. I'm going to write about the new exciting stuff they announced. The big thing they announced was 3D, everything from Blu-ray 3D to Sony Bravia HDTV with 3D support. They also had news about the other stuff Sony has in their wide range of products, like a new pocket cam called "Bloggie".

Below is a summary of what happened at Sony's CES 2010 press event.

Sir Howard Stringer announced that Sony Music and Jimi Hendrix's estate have announced a significant partnership. A ton of stuff will be available in 3D, all converted. They're also committed to doing live performances in 3D. Taylor Swift made a performance in 3D live, they were projecting it live in 3D on the screen behind her.

Stan Glasgow, President and COO, Sony Electronics, says that "make.believe" is not an empty marketing message, they're establishing a personal and practical connection with the consumers. Sony is committed to the idea that anything you can imagine, you can make real. The dot in make.believe symbolizes the place where... make meets believe.

New Bravias, featuring Sony's new monolithic design, are revealed. NX800 - new LED backlit set. New Bravias starting this spring, from 22-60 inches. Monolithic TV's are designed for be viewed at a six degree slant to compensate for low stands. They'll obviously be connected TV's, lots of "Bravia Internet Video" integration and Bravia Internet Widgets. Monolithic design will also be in many home theater products. New HTIB with wireless speakers. Also new Blu-ray deck with monolithic design, WiFi, joined by a new HTIB that does internet video and BD-Live.

Sony is committed to providing content that consumers want everywhere they go. "Sony Dash Internet Viewer" is announced. It can either lie flat or stand. The new Dash personal internet viewer is designed to show you your favorite parts of the internet in a dash. It also does movies, audio, Facebook and Twitter.Kaz Hirai entered the stage and said that 1.7 million PlayStation 3's were sold in North America alone this past quarter. Kaz is also proud of all the recent games that have been released. He was not there just to talk about the PS3, Sony is expanding their network services beyond PS3 and PSP.

More countries will get Premium Video Content on PlayStation Network later this year. They're extending the video services to more devices, Blu-ray players, laptops and TV's. Single user ID for both PSN and other consumer products, so these other devices aren't getting true PSN, but they're looking at making a single experience in the future. Kaz also says that there're 38 million registered users on PlayStation Network.

You're going to be able to stream movies to VAIO and other Windows PC this month in six countries, also BD decks and TV's. It has become clear to Sony that they need a more centralized organizational structure to go forward, so they have established Sony Network Entertainment Inc, another Sony division.

Stan Glasgow talked about content on the go and the Reader Daily Edition. Wall Street Journal is available now, and two new exclusive Dow Jones packages are also now available: MarketWatch and WSJ Plus. An electronic version of the New York Post is coming soon.

HandyCam and Cyber-shot cameras are going to have dual-SD and MemoryStick, Sony just went away from their own proprietary format. They're also talking about the new EXMOR Handycams, and then Sony is introducing the Bloggie, a new pocket cam, that sounds like a continuation of last year's Webbie. Also a new geotagging Cyber-shot camera with compass is announced, the new TX7 also works with the Party-dock.Sony showed off TransferJet, which is a new type of close proximity wireless transfer technology developed by Sony and initially demonstrated publicly in early 2008. By touching (or bringing very close together) two electronic devices, TransferJet allows high speed exchange of data. The concept of TransferJet consists of a touch-activated interface, which can be applied for applications requiring high-speed data transfer between two devices in a peer-to-peer mode without the need for external physical connectors. TransferJet's maximum physical layer transmission rate is 560 Mbit/s. After allowing for error correction and other protocol overhead, the effective maximum throughput is 375 Mbit/s. TransferJet will adjust the data rate downward according to the wireless environment, thereby maintaining a robust link even when the surrounding wireless condition fluctuates. TransferJet is coming to cameras, photo frames, and VAIO in the future.

Sony announced the new VAIO W, a laptop so green it doesn't come with a printed manual. It's also made out of recycled CD's, which is a lot cooler than that printed manual thing. In addition, VAIO F, with Intel's latest quad-core CPU and HDMI out, which is ideal for multi-media and gaming, is shown. And an ultra light weight laptop called VAIO Z, is announced. It showcases ultramobile expertise, intelligent switching between graphics intensive and battery saving modes.

Sony's commitment to 3D should leave no doubt about where they're heading. They will marshall all their resources to deliver the next great consumer experience, 3D. Sony has a partnership with RealD, Discovery, and IMAX. They are also opening a 3D technology center to teach filmmakers how to shoot 3D. Sony and CBS are partnering on The Sony 3D Experience, a new consumer research experience.2010 FIFA World Cup will be in 3D this summer, shot on Sony 3D cameras. ESPN 3D is launching this summer, first 3D sports network. Sony is working hard to make Sony devices already in the home 3D friendly. All existing PlayStation 3 will be firmware upgraded to do 3D games and 3D Blu-ray.

Sony introduced a new 3D Bravia for 2010. They'll be packaged with two pairs of active shutter glasses, and a transmitter built in. They'll be joined by two other lines of 3D-capable sets that don't bundle the glasses and the transmitter. Which you'll have to go out and buy separately. They also showed off a prototype of a 3D OLED TV. Sony said that their goal is to become an undisputed global leader in 3D.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Linkin Park Game: Coming Soon [Update!]

Mike posted today, on his Blog, news about the new Linkin Park game, "8-Bit Rebellion". Apparently it's coming this month. I've to start my new iPod Touch soon and download this game when it comes out! Read Mike's entire post below.

Many years ago, the world existed in 8-bit harmony...until PixxelKorp arrived. Now, underground forces are assembling to undo the evil corporation's mass-brainwashing campaign. You may be our only hope to lead the rebellion to victory!

The new Linkin Park game is on the way. I just got a new test-build of the game, and it's looking great. As you would expect, my bandmates and I worked hand-in-hand with the design team to create the look and content of the game. For fans of my art: you'll see some new and familiar characters come to life in this 8-bit-meets-hi-res virtual world.

In the game, you have been chosen by the rebellion to solve a mystery. Items have been stolen from the six leaders of the rebellion. Collecting these items is the rebellion's only hope to thwarting the plans of the evil PixxelKorp.

I can't give away too many details about the game just yet…but I can tell you this: for all the Linkin Park fans excited to hear new music, I have some big news for you: if you finish this game, you get more than just a credit screen.

You get a brand new Linkin Park song.

The game will be available on the iPhone and iPod touch this month. More to come…

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Linkin Park's first "band meeting" of 2010

Mike posted yesterday on his Blog, January 5th, news about the progress of their fourth studio album. They had their first band meeting of 2010. One of the things he talks about is how many songs they have so far, and they will have another batch of songs that they will discuss. Mike's news update are as follows.

We had our first Monday meeting of 2010. First, we took a listen to the first five songs, which are almost finished and sounding great. I was going to tell you guys the working titles...but I changed my mind. I realized if I did that, the,, and fan site forums would be flooded with threads about them, where people make crazy guesses about the songs' sounds based on the working title...followed by thousands of fake links to "leaked mp3s" within a few days. Since I have great respect for your valuable time, I won't tempt you to waste it on such things. :)

Anyway, back to Monday: We started thinking about the second batch...we have 15-20 songs that we like, and we'll be picking a new batch from those. There are a few common themes beginning to circulate in the lyrics and in the music. As I think I mentioned, the record might be a little more conceptual than our other ones. Not a "concept album" per se (it's not as far-out as that term would have you imagine), but it definitely has some thematic threads tying it together.

One funny thing came to mind as I was writing this: the term "genre busting" seems to keep coming up when talking about this album. In fact, if you Google "genre busting," the first thing you get is a link to an interview with me about this new music. If you read the piece, you'll see the following:

Linkin Park co-frontman Mike Shinoda says the band’s fourth studio album is going to be so unique, “they’re going to have to come up with a new genre name for what this record is.”

This offhanded comment was meant to be a bit of a joke. Most people don't take it as lightly as I meant it; because of that, part of me regretted saying it. But recently, there's a voice in the back of my head saying: Why not really make that the bar? "So unique that they'll have to make a new genre name." I don't know if we'll ever be able to hit that mark, but we might as well give it a shot.

It's fun to see that they have that many songs that they like already and even more songs that they will discuss, it's gonna be awesome. It would be cool if they made a new genre, but I've always thought that Linkin Park had their own genre, because they are so unique.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

A new year is here! I can't believe it's 2010, I feel blessed that I've experienced a decade in the 21st century and many more years to come. I think these ten years have gone in a good speed, not fast and not too slow. I've gone from being a child, a teenager to an adult that feels very immature and childish. However, it has been a fun rid, I've experienced a lot, and I have grown inside, even though I need a bit more growing to do.

Traditionally I fired of some Fireworks, they were beautiful, I had bought a big "Cake" that fired 50 shots and a few "Air Bombs". I shot some during the evening, like I always do, and I saved the biggest Firework for midnight. I went up a big hill right after midnight, when all the fireworks were, I could see the whole city from there and all the Fireworks. Other years I'm going to buy more different Fireworks, I like those with lots of power, the "Cake" that I bought set off a car alarm. It was fun today, like every New Years Eve.

Ever since I was 5 years old, I've fired off Fireworks, of course with a parent and my brother. I was afraid of them at first, but that went away when I got older. We bought every year Firecrackers, some were small and some bigger, we also got Fireworks from our neighbor, he had a friend who sold Fireworks. Me and my brother also liked the "crackling green balls" and an other one who bounced, which came between my legs. We always celebrated New Years Eve at Grandma and Grandpa, the neighborhood where they lived always had people who fired a lot of Fireworks, so it was fun being there.

What I remember from these ten years is that I've gotten many more things that make me happy. First of all, and one of the biggest, is that I became a Linkin Park fan. I was twelve years old and the year was 2000. I had heard a song on the TV from a band called Linkin Park, but I didn't know who they were and the genre they were playing wasn't the one I used to listen to. One day when I was in the shower I started humming on a song, but I didn't know which one it was. I went up to my computer and searched for it on the Internet, I somehow figured out the title for the song: "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park. I downloaded the song from "Napster" and listen to it, but I thought it was pretty short and thought that only half the song was downloaded. I turned on the TV, for some reason, and to my surprise the music video for "One Step Closer" started, and I saw that the song was the right length.

I think that was the sign that I should be a Linkin Park fan, I later downloaded "Pushing Me Away" and thought that Chester sounded like one of the Backstreet Boys. Every time I was in the record store, I looked at their album and saw the band picture at the back and though that they were a very cool band. I saved my money to buy their album, "Hybrid Theory", and when I finally bought the album and played it at home, and hundreds more after that, I was blessed by their music and a Linkin Park fan for life.

I've also played a lot of video games, both on the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 3. I've had many awesome video game experiences with a lot of positive feelings involved. I remember the "Grand Theft Auto" games, "Metal Gear Solid" games, "TimeSplitters" games, "Resistance" games, "Modern Warfare" games, "Killzone 2", "BioShock", "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and many many more video games. And I began to have video games as an interest. I've always loved video games ever since I was a child, but when I grew older it became a passion.

There has been a lot of movies too, both on DVD, Blu-ray, Cinema and downloads. Thanks to the Internet I've watched many more movies than I used to. I remember the "Matrix" movies, "Lord Of The Ring" trilogy, "28 Days Later" + "28 Weeks Later", "Batman Begins" + "The Dark Knight", "Avatar" and many many more movies. Movies also became an interest and a passion to me.

I can write much more, but I have to end it now. It's gonna be fun to see what the next ten years have to offer. Some things I look forward to being: play new video games, watch new movies, listen to new music from Linkin Park, experience new technology, for example, PlayStation 4, being creative in new and same ways and feel even more happiness and get a lot of positive feelings and experiences. Welcome 2010!