Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Linkin Park: LPU CD: 9 DEMOS review

01. "A-Six" (Original Long Version 2002) XXXXX [5/5]
Ever since I heard this song, in 2002 on the LPU 2.0 CD, I've wanted to hear more. And thankfully they released it now, seven years later. I really like this song because it's very heavy, have cool scratch sounds and samples. When I listened to it, I wondered how it would have sounded with Chester's screaming vocals on, that would have been awesome!

02. "Faint" (Demo 2002) XXX [3/5]
In this version, they hadn't written that many Chester parts, mainly rap. It's a Hip Hop song with heavy guitars. Mike is rapping with completely different lyrics, and I don't recognize any words from the final song. Chester only has a screaming part in this demo.

03. "Sad" ("By Myself" Demo 1999) XXX [3/5]
This is an instrumental song, you can hear bits of the heavy intro of "By Myself". I recognized the scratching part, I think they've played it live on a show? I can swear I've heard that part before. Good heavy beats with cool scratch sounds.

04. "Fear" ("Leave Out All the Rest" Demo 2006) XXXXX [5/5]
This song really shows what demos are, they didn't have that many lyrics, but tried to find the right melody for the song. I recognized the "Da Na" way of getting a melody from the "Minutes To Midnight" DVD. It was fun to hear Mike sing and rap on this one, he has a great voice, he should sing on more songs in the future. This is one of those things that makes Linkin Park so unique, they have two singers, one that's the lead singer and one that rap and sing.

05. "Figure.09" (Demo 2002) XXXXX [5/5]
Chester sings with completely different lyrics than the original. I think it has a great verse and an awesome chorus, it's heavier in a way, it could have worked really well on the "Meteora" album.

06. "Stick And Move" ("Runaway" Demo 1998) XXX [3/5]
Mark Wakefield sang in the original song, when he was the lead singer of "Xero". The demo is an instrumental, and you can hear similarities with the old song, "Stick N' Move", but since it's a demo of "Runaway", you can't hear any similarities with the original song, but it's good anyway.

07. "Across The Line" (Unreleased Demo 2007) XXXXX [5/5]
A new song finally! First time I heard this was on the "Minutes To Midnight" DVD, only a few seconds from a song called "Japan" was played. Many people wanted to hear the entire song, and now we finally have. Apparently, this song was one of those who barely made the cut. I think this song is very good with great music, a great melody and chorus. "Across The Line" should have been on the "Minutes To Midnight" record, because it's awesome!

08. "Drawing" ("Breaking The Habit" Demo 2002) XXXX [4/5]
The demo has many similarities with the original song, a few different samples, distorted strings and cool beats, which are being altered in a cool way by Mr. Hahn. The song is entirely instrumental and was originally going to be an instrumental track but Mike was convinced by the band to change it. I think it works as an instrumental too, but I prefer the original.

09. "Drum Song" ("Little Things Give You Away" Demo 2006) XXXX [4/5]
Another song when you hear Mike sing instead of Chester, and again I think he does a great job. This song has also many "Da Na" parts, but the parts that are there have many similarities with the original song. A great demo with a few different lyrics. You can also hear the drum part, played by Rob, that gave the song it's working title.

Overall: This is the best LPU CD since "Hybrid Theory EP"! I like it because we got a new song, "Across The Line", we got demos of songs we've heard before, but some of them felt like new ones, one is "Figure.09". This is what we Linkin Park fans want, new songs and other stuff we haven't heard before. I'm already looking forward to the LPU 10 CD, I hope and think they can top this!

Review: LPU CD: 9 DEMOS XXXXX [5/5].

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