Friday, January 8, 2010

Live from Sony's CES 2010 press event

Today Sony had their CES 2010 press event in Las Vegas. I'm going to write about the new exciting stuff they announced. The big thing they announced was 3D, everything from Blu-ray 3D to Sony Bravia HDTV with 3D support. They also had news about the other stuff Sony has in their wide range of products, like a new pocket cam called "Bloggie".

Below is a summary of what happened at Sony's CES 2010 press event.

Sir Howard Stringer announced that Sony Music and Jimi Hendrix's estate have announced a significant partnership. A ton of stuff will be available in 3D, all converted. They're also committed to doing live performances in 3D. Taylor Swift made a performance in 3D live, they were projecting it live in 3D on the screen behind her.

Stan Glasgow, President and COO, Sony Electronics, says that "make.believe" is not an empty marketing message, they're establishing a personal and practical connection with the consumers. Sony is committed to the idea that anything you can imagine, you can make real. The dot in make.believe symbolizes the place where... make meets believe.

New Bravias, featuring Sony's new monolithic design, are revealed. NX800 - new LED backlit set. New Bravias starting this spring, from 22-60 inches. Monolithic TV's are designed for be viewed at a six degree slant to compensate for low stands. They'll obviously be connected TV's, lots of "Bravia Internet Video" integration and Bravia Internet Widgets. Monolithic design will also be in many home theater products. New HTIB with wireless speakers. Also new Blu-ray deck with monolithic design, WiFi, joined by a new HTIB that does internet video and BD-Live.

Sony is committed to providing content that consumers want everywhere they go. "Sony Dash Internet Viewer" is announced. It can either lie flat or stand. The new Dash personal internet viewer is designed to show you your favorite parts of the internet in a dash. It also does movies, audio, Facebook and Twitter.Kaz Hirai entered the stage and said that 1.7 million PlayStation 3's were sold in North America alone this past quarter. Kaz is also proud of all the recent games that have been released. He was not there just to talk about the PS3, Sony is expanding their network services beyond PS3 and PSP.

More countries will get Premium Video Content on PlayStation Network later this year. They're extending the video services to more devices, Blu-ray players, laptops and TV's. Single user ID for both PSN and other consumer products, so these other devices aren't getting true PSN, but they're looking at making a single experience in the future. Kaz also says that there're 38 million registered users on PlayStation Network.

You're going to be able to stream movies to VAIO and other Windows PC this month in six countries, also BD decks and TV's. It has become clear to Sony that they need a more centralized organizational structure to go forward, so they have established Sony Network Entertainment Inc, another Sony division.

Stan Glasgow talked about content on the go and the Reader Daily Edition. Wall Street Journal is available now, and two new exclusive Dow Jones packages are also now available: MarketWatch and WSJ Plus. An electronic version of the New York Post is coming soon.

HandyCam and Cyber-shot cameras are going to have dual-SD and MemoryStick, Sony just went away from their own proprietary format. They're also talking about the new EXMOR Handycams, and then Sony is introducing the Bloggie, a new pocket cam, that sounds like a continuation of last year's Webbie. Also a new geotagging Cyber-shot camera with compass is announced, the new TX7 also works with the Party-dock.Sony showed off TransferJet, which is a new type of close proximity wireless transfer technology developed by Sony and initially demonstrated publicly in early 2008. By touching (or bringing very close together) two electronic devices, TransferJet allows high speed exchange of data. The concept of TransferJet consists of a touch-activated interface, which can be applied for applications requiring high-speed data transfer between two devices in a peer-to-peer mode without the need for external physical connectors. TransferJet's maximum physical layer transmission rate is 560 Mbit/s. After allowing for error correction and other protocol overhead, the effective maximum throughput is 375 Mbit/s. TransferJet will adjust the data rate downward according to the wireless environment, thereby maintaining a robust link even when the surrounding wireless condition fluctuates. TransferJet is coming to cameras, photo frames, and VAIO in the future.

Sony announced the new VAIO W, a laptop so green it doesn't come with a printed manual. It's also made out of recycled CD's, which is a lot cooler than that printed manual thing. In addition, VAIO F, with Intel's latest quad-core CPU and HDMI out, which is ideal for multi-media and gaming, is shown. And an ultra light weight laptop called VAIO Z, is announced. It showcases ultramobile expertise, intelligent switching between graphics intensive and battery saving modes.

Sony's commitment to 3D should leave no doubt about where they're heading. They will marshall all their resources to deliver the next great consumer experience, 3D. Sony has a partnership with RealD, Discovery, and IMAX. They are also opening a 3D technology center to teach filmmakers how to shoot 3D. Sony and CBS are partnering on The Sony 3D Experience, a new consumer research experience.2010 FIFA World Cup will be in 3D this summer, shot on Sony 3D cameras. ESPN 3D is launching this summer, first 3D sports network. Sony is working hard to make Sony devices already in the home 3D friendly. All existing PlayStation 3 will be firmware upgraded to do 3D games and 3D Blu-ray.

Sony introduced a new 3D Bravia for 2010. They'll be packaged with two pairs of active shutter glasses, and a transmitter built in. They'll be joined by two other lines of 3D-capable sets that don't bundle the glasses and the transmitter. Which you'll have to go out and buy separately. They also showed off a prototype of a 3D OLED TV. Sony said that their goal is to become an undisputed global leader in 3D.

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