Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heavy Rain (PS3) expectations

I'm really looking forward to Heavy Rain, it will be released a month from now, on February 24th. I've already pre-ordered the Special Edition of the game, I don't know if it's limited or not, better be safe than sorry.

The special edition will come with a 3D rain effect case, and I love good looking video game covers, I'm one of those people that prefer the physical game instead of the digital. I want to own the game and touch it and look at the cover, you don't get that with digital releases and the digital is more compressed than the Blu-ray edition, 1 or 3 GB against 50 GB, do I have to say more? The special edition will also include "Heavy Rain Chronicles", which is this video games DLC, that we will get before everyone else. And more!

I think it's cool that Heavy Rain is gonna get DLC, because a sequel is not going to happen, and doesn't have to, we're getting more background story of the characters, we will also step into the shoes of the Origami Killer. They haven't announced how many episodes we're gonna get, but at least one per character.

I look forward to the feelings and the experience that I'm going to get during the game. I loved the atmosphere in Fahrenheit, and Heavy Rain is gonna have the same atmosphere plus even more, I know that! Also the feelings are the main focus in this game, so I will definitely be touched!

Finally, Sony is giving us even more awesome games, it's cool that this video game is exclusive to PlayStaton 3. I think this game will be another killer app, it will sell PlayStation 3 consoles. The competitors are going to want this game on their consoles, but they are not getting it, buy a PlayStation 3!

A demo is going to be released February 11th on the Europe PlayStation Network, I'll have to see what it's about, I don't want to get spoiled. I want to experience the entire video game from start to finish.

I can hardly wait, I just have to wait four weeks! I will also write a review for this game, so watch out for that.

The trailer below contains spoilers!

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