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Sony at Tokyo Game Show 2010

This article comes directly from the VG247 site. There were a few great announcements, and I think the ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus collection remastered in HD was the best.

Sony used its Tokyo Game Show press conference today to put dates on both The Last Guardian and the Japanese version of Gran Turismo 5.

Sony kicked off its show with some sales figures, saying that PS3 has now sold 38 million hardware units and 310 million games, before making brief presentations on PSP and Move.

A barrage of Move games was shown, including Start the Party, The Shoot, Sports Champions, Tumble, TV Superstars, The Fight, Heroes on the Move, High Velocity Bowling, Echochrome II, Tiger Woods, Resident Evil 5, Virtua Tennis 4, Time Crisis, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Ape Escape.

In total, 13 companies are making 35 games for Move, the firm said. Move is to release on October 21 with the marketing slogan “Let’s Play, Move”.

Moving on to 3D, Everybody’s Golf was shown, as was a 3D version of FFXIV. There was no new date on the PS3 SKU other than March next year.

The E3 MGS: Rising trailer was also shown in 3D, as was footage of Disaster 4: Summer Memories and Polyphony’s GT5.

The GT5 stuff focused mainly on the showroom images we saw at gamescom, with a splash of in-game racing mixed with replay video. It was very short.

Sony then announced that Firmware 3.5 would hit PS3 with 3D Blu-ray support on September 21.

Moving onto hardware, Sony said a 320Gb PS3 would release in Japan on October 21.

A special Monster Hunter-themed PSP is to release alongside the third game on December 1. It’s got a bespoke XMB and built-in speakers that look like the Isle Mark from the game.

Square Enix then took to the stage to show some games. The company showed a trailer for PSP sequel The 3rd Birthday, but refused to allow it to be seen on the conference’s live video stream. Good stuff.

The horror ships on December 22 in Japan.

An International Edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was then shown to the crowd, but not the stream; it’s called Birth by Sleep Final Mix and it’s out in January.

Dissidia 2 was shown, the trailer including FFXIII’s Lightning and FFIV’s Kain. Again, no one saw this unless they were in the audience. Square gave the game an official name of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Level 5 then took to the stage and showed a very Japanese-looking anime title for PSP, before moving on to Ni No Kuni on PS3, a Studio Ghibill collaborative RPG project with Level 5. The chances of you ever playing this if you’re not Japanese are pretty slim.

It’s a cartoon RPG with real-time battles. A small dog thing was seen battling a funny elephant. It’s out next year. Watch the demo on Kotaku.

Capcom’s Keiji Inafune came on to talk about two games. The Asura’s Wrath trailer we saw in the publisher’s conference yesterday was shown – but, again, blocked on the stream.

The second title was Ninja Theory’s DMC. Again, it was the same trailer we saw yesterday. Again, it was blocked for all those outside the audience.

Inafune said there was no “taboo” in working on DMC; Capcom and Ninja Theory will do whatever’s needed to make it work.

Konami came out next with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The game was described as a “rebirth” for the series. New footage showed acting, climbing, a love interest, snow scenes, a chap with horns and bosses. Tons of new characters were seen, as was a giant gollum boss at the end. Good stuff.

It’s out on December 16 in Japan. A Collector’s Edition was shown, but it looks as though this is a Japan-only thing.

Get all the screens here. Here’s the trailer:

Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi came out on stage with two dolly birds to talk about Yakuza: Of the End. A trailer was shown with a hostage woman tied to a chair and Tokyo chock full of zombies, as previously reported.

The cast of the last game was shown working together in undead-killing action, with one dude having a mini-gun built into his arm. Looked like co-op might be on the cards: the four characters, all tooled up, were shown standing side-by-side at the end of the video.

Then, finally, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were shown on PS3. There was no date other than “coming soon” after a short trailer.

Get all the shots here. Here’s the trailer:

Once the footage ended, Ueda stepped up to the microphone. New Last Guardian footage was shown, with the cat dragon thing scratching around and the little dude climbing up his leg to reach higher platforms. In one part, cat dragon picked up the little dude in his mouth and lifted him up. In another, the little dude was throwing barrels into its mouth.

Get all the screens here. Here’s the trailer:

The game was confirmed for a “holiday 2011″ ship.

Namco followed Ueda, showing Gundam Musou 3 and Ace Combat Assault Horizon, the former to release in December. Ace Combat didn’t get a date.

From Software was next, showing something called Project Dark. The stream was completely blocked for this: we didn’t even see the guy speaking.

It’s aimed at Demon’s Souls fans, and, according to reports, was very much “dark fantasy”. It’s out next year in Japan and it’s a PS3 exclusive.

GT5 was next with yet another trailer, this one showing the Top Gear test track, Rome, rallying and more.

The date is November 3 for Japan.

Kazunori came out to talk. He showed the game’s My Home section, including details on how to access messages, logs, mail, photo album, gifts a friends list and more. You’ll be able to access the game’s My Home section from the internet.

Another video was shown, including night racing in the wet and dry. The night stuff looked incredible, to be honest.

He then showed X1 Prototype, a car that isn’t concerned with racing regulations. it was black. It was fast. It wasn’t on the screen for very long. It’s in the game, obviously.

And on it went. Koei Tecmo came out next, showing off a video compilation of the last ten years’ worth of Dynasty Warriors games before announcing Dynasty Warriors 6 as a PS3 exclusive. More info will be released next month.

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