Monday, February 22, 2010

iPod Touch & iPhone Jailbreak for Dummies

I jailbroke my iPod Touch 3G (8 GB), this works with iPhone also. To make this jailbreak work, your device has to be version 3.1.2, if it's not you have to downgrade your device.

How to Downgrade to 3.1.2

1. Download Firmware: iPod touch 3G (3.1.2/7D11). This Firmware is for iPod Touch 3G (8 GB). Select the one that is right for your device. Go to the site below to download the Firmware.

2. Plug in your device via USB to your computer. Open iTunes, and then click on "Devices" (below iTunes Store).

3. Click on the tab "Summary". Hold down the Shift button then click on "Restore". Locate the firmware you've downloaded and select it. If it says that it's incompatible you have downloaded the wrong Firmware. If everything goes as planned, your device will now reboot, and you will see the Apple logo and a bar that indicates that it's installing. Wait for it to finish, it can take a few minutes.

4. You should now have Firmware 3.1.2. You can check it in iTunes under "Devices", click "Summary", and at the top it should say "Software Version: 3.1.2".

How to Jailbreak your device

1. First you have to download a software called "blackra1n". Download it from this site: Click on the Windows logo, if you have Windows of course, to download the file blackra1n.exe.

2. Plug in your device via USB to your computer. Click on blackra1n.exe to install, and then press "make it ra1n". Your device reboots and a picture of the creator Geohot will appear. Wait for it to finish, then you’re done.

3. Now start your device and locate "blackra1n", it should be on the last page as an app, and click on it. You have to have Wi-Fi in order for this to work. First choose "Cydia" and download it, then install "Rock". However, "Cydia" is the most important.

4. You can now delete "blackra1n". Click on "Uninstall blackra1n", and you're done!

WARNING! If your device is restarted or turned off, you have to plug in your device to your computer and run "blackra1n" again! So don't turn off your device, just leave it on standby!

How to install cracked Apps

1. Go to the site on your computer and become a member, it's free! Copy the address that you're given:

2. Now open your device and start Cydia, wait for it to load. Click on "Manage", at the bottom, then on "Sources".

3. Click on "Edit", at the top, and then "Add". Type in the address you got in step one: and click "Add Source". Don't forget to click "Done" at the right top corner.

4. Do the same thing again and type in:, don't worry about the warning sign, and click on "Add Source".

5. Click on "Search", at the bottom. Type in "AppSync for OS 3.1". Click on it, then click ”Install” and ”Confirm” both are at the top.

6. Now you just have to install four more apps. Search for "Installous", "BossPrefs", "BossPrefs Safari DL Control" and "Safari download plugin", download and install all of them, one at a time.

7. Now you can install cracked Apps. There are two methods to do this.
  • Download the cracked app, called .ipa, to your computer via torrent or other site. Plug in your device, open iTunes and click on "Applications". Now drag your .ipa file into the "Applications" window and wait for it to load. Now go to "Devices" and click "Sync", at the bottom right corner. Wait for it to install, and you're done.
  • You can also install cracked apps inside your device. Open the "Installous" app, which you downloaded in step six. Search for an app, click on it and download. When it's downloaded click on "Downloads" at the bottom and locate your app, click on it then press "install". And you're done!
How to import an iPod Touch Theme

1. Open Cydia, search for "WinterBoard" and "afc2add", and download both.

2. Go to your computer and download a software called "iFunBox", from here:

3. Plug in your device to your computer. Open "iFunBox", click on "Raw File System". Click on var/stash/Themes.Nz4re2 and the only thing you have to do is drag the folder with the theme you've downloaded.

4. Open your device and start "WinterBoard", click on your theme and then press the home button on your device. It will restart to the lockscreen, unlock, and you should see your theme on your device.

5. If you've downloaded a battery theme and the folder only contain the pictures, and you drag it into "iFunBox", the theme won't work. You have to create a new folder that you can name whatever you want. Inside that folder create another folder called Bundles; inside that one a new folder called and now you can drag your battery pics into the last folder. Now you can drag it into "iFunBox" and the battery theme will work.

How to access your files on your device:

1. Open Cydia.

2. Install the source, if you haven't already.

3. Search for a file called "iFile" from xSellize (X Vip).

4. Download and install it, and you're done!

I hope this guide was useful; I tried not to leave out any details. If you have any questions comment below and please follow this Blog!

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