Thursday, February 18, 2010

Final Fantasy VII remake in a near future?

Many people have asked for a Final Fantasy VII remake, ever since a PS3 tech demo was shown of the intro to Final Fantasy VII. I'm one of those people that would love to see Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 3. I think it's one of the best video games of all time! I think it will sell really well if they release a remake of the game.

And now new hope has come, that a remake is on the way sometime in the future. Because the director of the game, Yoshinori Kitase, stated in a recent interview by GameTrailers, that a remake is in consideration and that he's interested in the idea.

Below is the short statement where he talks about the Final Fantasy VII remake.

"I am very interested to see a more complete form of Final Fantasy VII, more realistically portrayed in voices and animations and all the small, subtle expressions. I would be interested to see and do that, it would be an exciting experience. I never get tired of answering that question (about FF VII remake), so I will continue to share with you my views as long as people continue to ask."

Update (22/2-10):

It has come more news about the Final Fantasy VII remake today. Yoshinori Kitase from Square Enix has now spoken on the subject, and it seems that we will have to wait a few years until it maybe is released.

Below is the statement from
Yoshinori Kitase.

"If we had all the right tools and the right environment for creating and preparing a Final Fantasy VII remake within a year, we would very much like to try it. But Final Fantasy XIII has taken over three and a half years to create. If we could recreate Final Fantasy VII with the same graphic detail that you see in the Final Fantasy XIII, we imagine that it would take as much as three or four times as much as the three and a half years it took to get together the last Final Fantasy. So it seems pretty unrealistic".

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