Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm back! [Update!]

I haven't posted anything new on my blog, except the review of "Blackbirds". However, I'm coming back now, and I will start posting things on my blog, especially now when E3 is just a few weeks away.

The reason why I've been gone is that my computer, Sony VAIO, crashed. It's not my VAIO's fault, it's an operating system called "Windows Vista"! Every single file I had on my computer disappeared in front of my eyes, it felt like my heart stopped. I really panicked when I realized that I hadn't done any backup on my files, I had planned it for many weeks before, but I didn't think my computer would crash. The only thing I did was installing the drivers that came on a CD when I bought a "Bluetooth Dongle". I was trying to get my "DualShock 3" controller to work on my Sony VAIO.

I took out the hard drive from my computer and plugged it into my brother's computer. I installed a software called "GetDataBack for NTFS". It took six hours for the program to recover my data. When it was done and I had seen that it recovered almost every single file, I felt a huge relief. I copied all my files to an external hard drive, WD 1 TB.

When the recovery was done, I had to put the hard drive back and then install Windows. However, I didn't want to have "Vista" anymore, since it was "Windows Vista" who crashed my computer. So I upgraded to "Windows 7", and I must say that it's a lot better than "Vista" without a doubt, it's very fast and I also like the new look and features.

I'm now finally back and running again. I've installed every single software that I had before, and I've even upgraded a few of them. And I have made backups of all my most important files to another external hard drive, I've without a doubt learned from my mistake. I've even made a list of every file I've made backups for and transferred. I will do this every time I've done something that I want to keep, like a music project or a picture in PhotoShop, and of course write down which files I've backed up.

I will try to write a new post every week, so at least four posts per month. I'm planing to do more covers and remixes, my latest instrumental remix has gotten a great response, and that's what I like about posting things on the Internet, you can show people what you've created and get feedback from them, it really boosts my confidence.

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