Tuesday, August 17, 2010

24Xero's Blog 1 year anniversary

My blog turns one years old today, August 17, 2010! I can't believe it's been a year, since I started this blog. I think it has been a fun experience, even though I don't have many followers, I hope that some people have read my blog posts. However, I do this mostly for myself, it's like a journal or a diary, it's the same thing with Twitter. I also think that this helps me get better in English and to write as well. This blog is also a part of my interests, I like playing video games and when I've finished them, I'll write a review. I post news of what's happening with Linkin Park or whatever I feel like writing about.

Sometimes it's difficult to know what to write about, or I just don't feel like posting anything. When I don't post on my blog, I feel that it's easier to post things on Twitter. I do that more often than post stuff on my blog, and I just write what's on my mind at the time. However, sometimes I want to write more than 140 letters, like now. I've tired to write at least one post per month on "24Xero's Blog". I sometime "cheat" with the posts, I change the post date, but I don't remember which posts I've changed when I think back. For example, this post is written July 2nd, 2010.

Hopefully, I will stop pushing everything into the future, I've planned to upload my "What I've Done" remix to YouTube again, I've hopefully done it by now! A lot of covers and some remixes are on my computer as unfinished projects, all those things are one of many interests that I love to do and devote myself to. I have to get a grip of myself!

I've also tried to make money on the Internet, I've bought a course I believe in. I have to see where it leads, hopefully it will work. Filling out paid survey is one of the things I've tired, but the money you get from that is very little. Other things that have crossed my mind are gambling on roulette or even Poker, I have to learn to play first. However, you can lose more than you make most of the times, and you can get a gambling problem, I have enough problems as it is.

A year has passed since I started blogging, and I will keep writing and post here on my blog for another year, see you next year when I celebrate the 2 year anniversary of 24Xero's Blog.

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