Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finale Malmöfestivalen 2009

Today was the finale day of Malmöfestivalen, it's been a fun week and I think this year is one of the best. I've eaten different food, bought candy and listen to concerts at Stor Torget. And today on the last day it was a "Light Inferno" and at the same time a Orchestra played and had different artist sing covers. It was okay but I miss the traditional "Firework show", but they said it was too expensive and bad for the environment. In the newspaper it said it would start 00:30 but I later found out it was 23:00, but we went their a few hours before so we had luck. So we went to the square so we would get a good spot and suddenly the Orchestra started playing, so I think we saw the whole thing, but I think many people thought that it's was just the warm up but sadly no and the light show was a disappointment. A huge anticlimax!! :(

But still it's one of the best years so far. It's the 25 anniversary of Malmöfestivalen this year, so it's probably why it had so many great artists. See you next year!

The food (Langos, Quarter Ribs, Tacos, Pancake with chocolate, Spanish waffles, Polkagrisar, Burnt Almonds). The Concerts (RixFM Festivalen, NRJ In The Park, Finale). The light tower on Stor Torget (Cool colors), The happy people (You feel happy when you see all the children laughing and smiling), That something happens in Malmö at least ones a year.

"Light Inferno" as a finale (Not a inferno at all, the person who said that exaggerated alot, it was just like it was everyday, pretty cool light effects), People who doesn't show respect and push you.

One of the best Malmöfestivalen so far..."

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