Thursday, August 20, 2009

Malmö Festivalen 09 (NRJ In the Park 19/8)

Today I was at the Malmö Festivalen and watched the "NRJ In the Park" concert. For the first time ever I was in the front of the crowd, but I prefer to be more in the back. You can hear the music much better if you stand further away because the bass was so loud in the front that you couldn't here them sing.
My first time at a concert was in Stockholm, Sweden 25/5 2007 when I watched Linkin Park preform in the "Globen". I had a seat place and I prefer to sit down at a concert, it's too much pushing when you stand in the crowd. And I met Linkin Park before the show at the Meet and Greet and I shook Rob and Chester's hand and got all the band members autographs, that was a fun day that I'll never forget.

Now back to the "Malmö Festivalen". It was fun today Darin and Arash and other artists preformed at the "NRJ In the Park" event and it was cool to see and hear, the bad thing was it was too crowdy and that you couldn't hear the artists voices, but overall it was pretty good. After that we looked for a place to eat, it's so much food to choose from but I decided for "Fish N Chips" and after that I ate a pancake with warm light chocolate, it was both good! It was a fun day!

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