Monday, August 24, 2009

Rock climbing in Mölle

Today me and my family went to a place called Mölle, it's near the ocean. There's a nice harbor where we ate. The weather was great today about 20 degrees and almost no clouds, in the shadow you could feel it was only 20 degrees but in the sun it was very hot. Then we took the car and drove little higher up on the hill. It was like a cliff and below was the water, it was very steep.

Later we found out that there was a cave, so we went to it. It was very hard to go there, we had to grab the rocks so that we wouldn't fall, but it was fun. Then we were getting closer to the cave and a nine year old boy, who spoke English, told us it was a very small cave, and it was wet in there. He kept on speaking, I couldn't believe how good English he spoke, I mean he wasn't that old, and he was from Germany. He said it was many ghosts in there and bats and we all laughed. We went there and saw that he was right, it was very small, no ghosts :), so we went back and were all tired. Even so, it was a fun day, I like exploring and climbing rocks, then we went home happy.

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