Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's December soon...! [Update!]

I love the December month, lot of Christmas lights in the city, all the decoration in the stores and the decoration I have at home every year. I get a special warm feeling inside during December, I really feel the Christmas spirit and the atmosphere all around me and inside of me. And you look forward to Christmas eve and all the presents your gonna get, you feel like a child again and that's something positive for me, never forget your inner child! I also like buying presents and give them to someone, I like making other people happy, but never forget your own happiness, to make other people happy you also need to be.

I play alot of video games during December and Christmas, it's tradition I've had since I was a child. I remember playing "Zelda: Ocarina Of Time" on Nintendo 64 and when I got the first PlayStation on Christmas, it was a magical and happy time and something I will always remember. And because of that I still and always will continue playing video games and watch movie during the December month, and all the year around of course, because it makes me happy!

Other things that's happening is the new Linkin Park Underground package that includes the LPU 9.0 CD, that I think is gonna be one of the best. The new site launches December 3rd and I will renew my membership, I'll have to see how long the package will take to arrive or I'll listen to the CD beforehand because I can hardly wait for it!

I will publish a few more video game reviews, one is "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2", but currently I'm playing a really cool game: "Batman: Arkham Asylum", I'll see if I'm gonna write a review for it. The good thing about waiting to buy a video games is that they will lower the price if you wait long enough. I also think I'm gonna write a review for the LPU 9.0 CD and one for the "Avatar" movie.

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