Wednesday, March 24, 2010

B-Day 22, March 24th 2010 [Update!]

It's my birthday today, March 24th, I'm turning 22! Sometimes it feels like the years go by really fast, and sometimes it feels slow, it depends on what I've done during the year and what memory I'm thinking back on. Actually, I didn't want to have my birthday, because I don't want to get older, but I've many things to look forward to in the future! And you can't stop time, you may be getting older on "paper", but on the inside you're still young like a teenager/child.

I had a great birthday today with my big brother who also has his birthday on the same day as I, he's three years older than I am. My grandparents came by to my brother and I, and gave us presents. They didn't know what to get us, so we got money instead. It was easier when I was a kid to wish for presents, and now when they ask me I just say that I don't know, or that I want money, maybe a little boring, but I can buy what ever I want for them. I got birthday presents from my parents when they got home from work. Can you guess what they gave us?

We later went out and ate at a restaurant, I ordered duck with cherry sauce. The duck was really good but the sauce didn't taste like cherry, I like orange sauce much better. I really liked the duck, it has become one of my favorite things to eat. I ate a delicious duck in Prague this summer, it had a great crispy skin with a orange honey sauce that tasted really good. The one that I ate today wasn't as good as the one in Prague. But the meat that I ate today was almost perfect, it was pink in the middle but the skin didn't taste much.

It was a great birthday, both me and my brother felt very appreciated and loved! My money that I got is transferred to my bank account. I will buy new video games, movies and other stuff that I'm interested in and like. Next week me and my brother are going to start day trading, so we can get rich, that's our goal!

I like my blog very much, I don't know if anyone is reading my posts, but it doesn't matter I have it as a private journal, and because I like writing. I am promoting this blog with Google AdWords, and I've got many clicks, and it has cost me about 300 kronor so far, but I got 750 kr for free from Google.

Other things I'm up to are my covers and remixes that I'm going to upload to Youtube, I have an upgraded version of my old "What I've Done" remix that I'm going to upload when I finally finish it. I also have many different covers that I've recorded last year that I haven't mixed yet, but I'm going to mix them first and then upload them to the Internet. I will try to post at least four blog posts per month, and it can be everything from different reviews to news that's about my interests.

Thanks to everyone who's reading my blog posts!

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