Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30 Seconds To Mars - Hurricane (Instrumental 24Xero Remix)

I've uploaded a new video to YouTube. I've done an instrumental remix of 30 Seconds To Mars' "Hurricane". I think it's one of the best songs from their new album This Is War. I made the song in Magix Music Maker 16 Premium. That program has a lot of great tools and awesome beats that you can play around with. The different synthesizers have an awesome sound.

I changed some instruments and put new drums on also. I wanted heavy metallic sounding beats, and I think that the beat I finally chose fitted great into the song. When it came to the instruments, I wanted to keep the electronic sound. I changed the different instruments with new synthesizers and strings. I wanted the piano to be very present in the song so it would be heard. A reverb effect was put on the piano to make it even more haunting.

I wanted to include a heavy guitar with lots of distortions. However, I chose not to make it sound too much. I did the same thing with the bass. I thought the song was repetitive without the vocals, so I tried to make it sound less repetitive by adding some pauses in the beat. I'm very pleased with the result of the entire instrumental song!

I did the video in Sony Vegas Pro 8. I put some effects on and used the "24Xero Hurricane" cover I made in Adobe Photoshop CS5. I often use the TV effect on my videos. I think it looks cool when it scans the picture. I also use the pan and zoom feature on both the picture and the background. It gets an almost 3D effect.

Watch and listen to the video below!

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