Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Mike has posted a new message, this is the fifth message. This new one is a "real" puzzle! I took the picture into PhotoShop and cut the image into pieces, and tried to make every piece fit. I finally did it and reveals a new LP logo, but only half of it. I could from the beginning figure out that the image was supposed to be the Linkin Park logo, and I also saw that it was hiding a new watermark message. Then I enhanced the saturation, just like I did with the "The Catalyst" message, and it reveals a message saying: "A Thousand Suns \\ September".

Message #05 (A Thousand Suns \\ September)

Could this be the release date for the new Linkin Park album? And is "A Thousand Suns" the album title? Nothing has been confirmed yet. However, this really makes the hype for the new album even higher.

Stay tuned for more Linkin Park news in the coming weeks!

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