Thursday, July 22, 2010

Twitter Pixel Art at Linkin

Linkin got a new intro page a few days ago. A message came up and asked if I wanted to connect my Twitter account. After I had done that a text came up that said: "Conversation sets me free". So I wrote that I was looking forward to the new album and send the tweet, and a brief sound plays that could be "The Catalyst" along with the message: "Thank you for helping me. I will arrive soon", with each individual tweet revealing a single pixel of a collective image.

I think the idea that each message sent to twitter became a pixel was a great idea! I was very excited and I was wondering what would happen when all the pixels were in place. My first thought was that the picture would reveal the album art, and that we would hear a preview of "The Catalyst". And today, about two days later, the picture was revealed, and it shows the album art of A Thousand Suns.

I later saw that I had got a direct message from Mike at twitter. In the message, he thanked me for the help and told me to check back to see what happens along with two links. The first link led me to a video where a short clip of "The Catalyst" was played! The second link was just a low res picture of the new LP logo. I liked the short clip of "The Catalyst", it was Mike singing along with Chester in the background, it was different from what I've heard from the stems.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks. "The Catalyst" is almost here!

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