Friday, October 2, 2009


I haven't updated my Blog in awhile now, been busy with the new laptop that failed to work. So we went to the store and returned it and thank God that I could change it to another one! I picked a SONY VAIO that is actually faster than the PB and has a better 3D card. And of course it has Blu-ray, even though I didn't need it, I already have my PlayStation 3, but the "VAIO" supports full HD 1080p. My HDTV only supports 720p but I love it anyway, I payed for it myself, but in the future I will get a new HDTV with "Full HD 1080p" or more if it exists and I will pick the "Sony Bravia LED" HDTV. I will get the laptop in about two weeks and I really hope it will work great, I'm looking forward to it. And I will write more about what I think of it then.

I think SONY is the best, it's a really great company. Every Sony product I own have always worked great and that's what I love about them: Great quality in their products, the newest technology, great sense for the design and new ideas and the way they do all this is something all the Sony companies in the world do, it doesn't matter if it's in Japan or USA they have a special way of doing things and I like that. Sony has so many thing going on: Videogame consoles (Sony PlayStation 3), Electronics (Sony Bravia, Sony Vaio, Sony Ericsson, Sony Walkman, Sony Handycam, Sony Cyber-shot, Stereos and more...), Format (Blu-ray), Music label (Sony Music), Movie companies (Sony Pictures) and more... They have a lot going on "SONY ONLY DOES EVERYTHING".

Today I listened to "Out Of Ashes" and I think it's a great album and it doesn't sound like Linkin Park and that's cool because it sounds unique. I will listen to it even more tomorrow, because I know it will grow even more on me the second time around. A review of Dead By Sunrise's "Out Of Ashes" will be posted soon...

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