Monday, October 12, 2009

LPU 9.0 [Update!]

I think this years LPU9 CD is gonna be one of the best. We got new information from the yearly LPU newsletter which I downloaded from the Linkin Park Underground website. I liked the previous years LPU newsletter better, when it came printed on a paper in full color, but I guess this is better for the environment. I only wished that the digital .pdf file had better resolution, this one has very bad resolution, they could have released it on .jpeg files instead.

This years newsletter included some Q&A's and a inside look on Chester's Dead By Sunrise project. And a little information on the new Linkin Park Underground 9.0 package, their was a picture of the CD cover and the new LPU logo and some information of what the package would include: LP Underground 9 CD, LPU 9 T-Shrirt, LPU 9 Patch, LPU 9 Guitar Pick and Online Newsletter. This year you can also get the Premier Pass which includes the first ever LPU Vinyl, this pass cost a little more but no price information has been released yet.

This years LPU CD includes nine tracks which are demos from all Linkin Park's previous albums and a new song that no one has heard before. So I'm looking forward to renewing my LPU account this year! We haven't gotten the CD tracklist yet but it will eventually be released in a few weeks. And I wonder if the CD is gonna leak out on the Internet like it did last year? Because the LPU 9.0 package is also released in "Best Buy" stores in the US, so it will probably leak from that release and not the official LPU 9.0 release. Stay tuned for more information closer to the renewing date.

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